Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kakuro No-No

As you know, MoCoLotion loves his daily dose of the puzzle page of the Examiner. Particularly Kakuro.

On the ride home last night, I found myself violating one of the fundamental rules of Kakuro: posting the same number twice within one add-sum.

Surely, a big newspaper syndicate such as Universal Press had done its homework and spot-checked the puzzle for accuracy. So I panicked. Had the Concerta worn off? Did a recent Lasik procedure leave me seeing things that just weren't there?

But I read and re-read it over and over. You try adding six unique digits from between 1 and 9 together to come up with 17. Just not happening. Mr. Know-It-All is apparently not the only syndicated contributor to the puzzle page just coasting through life.

So here it is, in living black-and-white, from this morning's Examiner. Yesterday's Kakuro solution.
I won't give up on the Examiner just yet. But for a Kakuro fix that won't leave you scratching your head, check out Krazydad's collection.

Oh, and while we're at it, here's Mr. Know-It-All's exhaustively-researched lead story this morning.


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